- what's that? you want to own all the Wasssup rip-offs?
my boot is very very funny.
- why SpaceGhost has never won an Emmy is beyond me.
- if you don't get the Microserfs picture - slap yourself and go here.
sodaplay scares me, but in a good, weird kind of way.
- this is where I used to work.
- this is another place I used to work.
- the Onion is news for sarcastic punks like myself.
CNN is where I kept up with the Puff Daddy trial.
eHow to fix a drink, hatch chickens, arrange a marriage, etc.
- "excuse me stewardess, but I speak jive."
- everybody was kung fu fighting.
imagenius have a neat site.
Mtv.com needs to focus on content.
- nerds rant and rave at Slashdot.org.
2600 encourages you to know your rights (as a Hacker).
- the Magic 8 ball has answers (in real time)!
eliza wants to know what your problem is.
jwz worked for Netscape, became disgruntled, now owns DNAlounge.
- the website of loobylu is adorable and makes me happy.
sean was born on the same day as me and takes nice pictures.
kyle took CIS with me; eventually moved on.
sinclair is probably wandering purposefully through the woods right now.
american hitlist wants a record deal and your respect.
sean O - the magical electronics kid.
pete promises something good is coming.
friendster lets you see who's talking about you behind your back.
mappy gets you around Europe without having to talk to strangers.
danny gregory writes, draws, and talks about life.
- what sort of music does Seattle listen to?
- find jobs, friends, stuff on Craigslist.
- pretend you live in Seattle by watching WSDOT traffic cams!
iPod, therefor I am...
- the BBC's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy site.
- I've loved Hayao Miyazaki's work since fourth grade.